Other Activities

Many other activities are taking place

Other Activities

Teddy Sleepover

Friday, June 21st in Barton Library, Dunstall Road

Bring your teddy - or other favourite soft toy - to snuggle down with furry friends at a Teddy Sleepover. Teddy Story Time will start at 4pm and teddy-size blankets will be available for £2 in aid of library funds. Teddies have until 6pm to choose a comfy spot to snooze in before the library closes, and can be collected between 10am and noon the following day ready for their teddy ride adventures.

BBQ at The Shoulder of Mutton

Situated in the heart of the village offering burgers and hot dogs plus a wide selection of other foods, snacks and drinks.


In and around St James' Parish Church

Further information available shortly.

Programme of Music in Church

Information available shortly

Saturday June 22nd Time Description
  1.00 - 1.30  
  1.30 - 2.00  
  2.00 - 3.00  
  3.00 - 4.00  
  4.00 - 4.30  
  4.30 - 5.30  
Sunday June 3rd Time Description
  1.00 - 1.30  
  1.30 - 2.00  
  2.00 - 2.45  
  2.45 - 4.00  
  4.00 - 4.30  
  4.30 - 5.00 K

Artists Exhibiting

Information available shortly.


St James Church Heritage Lottery Fund Project

Church Guidebook

Over the past two the project group has been busy researching and preparing materials bring the history of St James Church to life. Local schools have been involved in helping to create a logo, colour themes and a series of resources.

Visitors to the Festival will be able to try out a Church Detective Trail, get a copy of the new guidebook and watch a series of short films on a self-guided smartphone trail using a piece of equipment called a VIS-BOX. The films are split into three areas:
1. The Church tour - looking at various areas of the church and how they are used

2. The Stained Glass Windows Tour - Telling the stories in the windows and who they are dedicated to

3. General information - the history of the church, who was John Taylor etc.

The project group is still working on a new website and a series of information boards for the churchyard to encourage people to come inside the church and find out more.