Teddy Rides

Bring your Teddy to the Barton under Needwood Gardens Festival

Bring your Teddy to the Barton under Needwood Gardens Festival Passport Office

Opening times of the Gardens Festival: Saturday & Sunday 18th and 19th June, 1pm to last rides at 5.30pm

Teddy PassportThe adventure begins with you and your Teddy (or soft toy cousin) creating your own Passport and personalised photograph.  The next step is to make sure that Teddy is fit to fly on the demanding G- forces of the seven rides as well as an X-Ray security check and Tedical.

At the boarding gate of each ride, show your passport for each exciting ride. Your teddy is awarded a commemorative sticker and stamp at the end of each ride.

Highly trained volunteers provide emergency cover for teddies. The X-ray machine checks teddies for security.

Teddical Passport Office Security Check Teddy gauge Passport Office

Of the seven rides, 5 are located centrally in St James Churchyard and the other 2 rides are close by at the village pond.

Rides in the Churchyard

Teddy Sky Wire Logo

Teddy Skywire

For ambitious Teddies who are fired upwards suspended from the Teddy Shuttle to the top of the Church Tower. A dramatic cymbal clash signals the climax of the ride as Teddy goes boldly where no Teddy has gong before!

Teddy Skywire Teddy Skywire

Ballistic Bear Logo

Ballistic Bear

For fearless Teddies only,  Ballistic bear will project Teddy 20 meter through the air to the rescue net. If Teddy misses the net, then fully trained Paratedics will be on standby to administer hugs and kisses.

Ballistic Bear Ballistic Bear Ballistic Bear Ballistic Bear

Teddy Hi-Wire Logo

Teddy Hi-Wire

A quiet ride for beautifully balance bears is Teddy Hi-wire.  Teddy sits in a chair which is balanced on a wire. Teddies helpers wind the magic machine to make Teddy travel along the High Wire.

Teddy Hi-Wire Teddy Hi-Wire Teddy Hi-Wire Teddy Hi-Wire

Teddy Oblivion Logo

Teddy Oblivion

For thrill-seeking Teddies, Oblivion is not to be missed as Teddy ascends gently to the top of the highest pint in the village of Barton under Needwood ( the top of the church tower ) before hurtling into the smoke filled Teddy Oblivion Chamber.

Teddy Oblivion Teddy Oblivion

Teddy Boat a Bear Logo

Boat a Bear

For competitive Teddies: race your friend's teddy in the unique Barton Boat Race. Your skill depends on how quickly the water is released to propel your bear down the shute.  May the best bear win!

Teddy Boat a Bear Teddy Boat a Bear Teddy Boat a Bear

Teddy Tuff-o-Meter Logo

Teddy Tuff-o-Meter

For body-building Teddies while you are waiting at the boarding gate. The Tuff-o-meter will test teddies strength against other  teddies.  Can you be the tuffest teddy at the Barton under Needwood Gardens Festival?

Teddy Tuff-o-Meter

Rides at the Village Pond

Barton Belle Logo

Barton Belle

For maritime Teddies, regular Barton Belle excursions on the Village Pond with you at the radio controls. Lifejackets provided. A full Teddy lifeboat services are provided by the Barton rescue canoe.

Barton Belle Barton Belle Barton Belle

Top Gun Ted Logo

Top Gun Ted

For Teddies with excellent flying skills! Your job is to pilot the special plane onto a landing strip to earn your Teddy Top Gun Wings.

Top Gun Ted Top Gun Ted